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A user interface management system with lots of features, including flexibility, speed. It has never been such an easy task to publish your website with your prefered colors. With it?s incredible skin editor, you will get your website exactly like the way you want. You have full freedom. You can edit all elements and backgrounds in the website. You can change the whole mood and concept of the website with 6 different background editor. You can either make it a serious company website, or change it to a fun and joyfull website. Having a website for Restaurant, Furniture Shop, Rent a Car, Electronics, Hosting Company, Flowers Shop, Sports, Hospitals and for more sector, just depends on your imagination. You are one step away from your dream website.

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Table of Some Video Tutorials

  • How to install theme
  • Configuring logo settings            
  • Setting up favicon
  • and more…
  • How to set header background
  • How to set slideshow background
  • How to set intro background
  • and more…
  • Setting up colors
  • Setting up the fonts
  • How to use fontface fonts      
  • and more…
  • Configuring Homepage content
  • Configuring Intro content
  • Configuring Blog page
  • and more…
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hello! absolutely agree with previous comments. I?ve seen and used many wordpress themes? but this one ? IS THE BEST I’?ve seen. Very friendly, well thought-out administrative interface, exceptionally good usability, and ? as I can see ? outstanting support. PERFECT ! Good job! (by utel)

I just wanted to say that I fully recommend this theme to anyone with a creative mind. This theme has been an absolute pleasure to work with and decided to use it as my theme for my website design services. The author is very helpful and seems to love what he does. I absolutely love this theme. (by alintiniuc )

Greatest theme ever! The possibilities of usage are simply endless, and the galore of options one can set, click and tweak is just overwhelming. Using this theme is a pleasure and even a total geek can build an awesome website with Codestar design. More, the support is fast, reliable, and I think 99.9% of questions asked is answered/solved in the time when you make your morning coffee. (by Zynov)

I seriously recommend this theme. Not only is it my favorite theme on themeforest. I?ve also gotten by far the best support I?ve ever gotten on envato from codestar. He must have spent 2 hours troubleshooting my dumb questions today. Amazing theme, phenomenal support. (by lebrilla)

I have been playing around with the theme and love all the capabilities that it offers. There are soooo many choices that is overwhelming but at the same time exciting. I will be sure to play around with the theme to discover its amazing benefits. I am sure you guys will do well with sales. You guys did an amazing job. Congratulations. (by cvalbuena)

Greetings form Germany to Russia! Very well done work! Thank you for this great Theme! I think I will purchase it pretty often for our clients. It?s that kind of flexible! I?m proud to be the first one who purchased it here! (by sellfactor)

many thanks in advance for your immediate help. Your theme is really wonderful, maybe I will buy it 2-3 times in next time. I will recommend your work when I have the possibility. (by Michi)

You make great templates and the design of the back-end is simply the best I’ve tried (many).

(by Colin from Scotland)

Thanks for chatting via Skype. You fixed the issue in super fast time! Fantastic support!

(by ldoherty)

Thanks for the amazing Tech assistance. This is by far the best theme with the best customer service that I have ever received. (by stevesparks)

Wow, thank you Codestar!! Best $45 I’ve ever spent, I love the theme. (by Jacob)

Thanks and great theme, by far the best theme so far that I have purchased and I have purchased 50+ even against other top authors. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be buying more of your work!! (by pureoption)


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Theme Updates

Version 4.9 (18 November 2019)

01. Added WordPress 5.3 compatibility 02. Updated Revolution Slider Plugin 6.1.5 using latest version 

Version 4.8 (03 March 2019)

01. Updated Revolution Slider Plugin using latest version 02. Removed Piecemaker 3D and FlashmoXML Sliders 

Version 4.7 (16 February 2019)

01. Added PHP 7.x compatibility 02. Added WordPress 5.x compatibility 03. Updated Revolution Slider Plugin using latest version 

Version 4.6 (01 February 2018)

01. Updated Revolution Slider Plugin using latest version 

Version 4.5 (09 June 2016)

01. Added landing page template 02. Updated Revolution Slider Plugin using latest version 03. Updated TGM Plugin Activation 2.6.1 using latest version 04. Fixed empty widgets issue 05. Fixed some bugs 

Version 4.4 (01 March 2016)

01. Fixed some bugs 02. Updated Revolution Slider Plugin 5.1.6 using latest version 

Version 4.3 (07 Sep 2015)

01. Updated TGM Plugin 02. Updated Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin 

Version 4.2 (03 June 2015)

01. Updated TGM Plugin for security vulnerability 02. Updated Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin 03. Updated PrettyPhoto plugin to v3.1.6 for security vulnerability 

Version 4.1 (25 Apr 2015)

01. TGM Plugin updated for security vulnerability 

Version 4.0 (31 Jan 2015)

Updates: 01. Compatible with WordPress 4.1+ Ready 02. TGM Plugin Activation added for Revolution Slider quick install 03. CStar child-theme added 04. Added new google fonts 05. CSS and PHP files improved 06. CACHE folder issues fixed 07. Updated Revolution slider plugin 08. Minor css and php bugs fixed 

Version 3.2 (07 Sep 2014)

Updates: 01. Update Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin 

Version 3.1 (22 May 2014)

Updates: 01. Update Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin 

Version 3.0 (07 June 2013)

Added new features: 01. Added Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin  Fixed some issues: 02. Fixed Some bugs and issues 

Version 2.4 (27 May 2013)

Added new features: 01. Added Button shortcode full-width option 02. Added Twitter Icon Bird 03. Added 100+ New Google WebFonts 04. Added Current Year [current_year] shortcode  Fixed some issues: 05. Fixed Button Center issue 06. Fixed Accordion inside Toogle issue 07. Fixed Slider Accordion description issue 08. Fixed Images on IE8-9 issue 09. Updated prettyPhoto plugin 10. Updated Cycle plugin 11. Updated Nivo plugin 12. Updated TimThumb Php script 

Version 2.3 (17 Jury 2013)

Added new features: 01. Added NivoSlider thumbnail feature 02. Added Alt tag for default slider responsive image 03. Updated FitVids plugin 04. Updated Cycle Plugin  Fixed some issues: 05. Fixed Cycle Slider up-down touch issue 06. Fixed jQuery issues (for new jQuery version 1.9) 07. Fixed Accordion Slider description width issue 08. Fixed Framework jQuery 1.9 issues 09. Fixed Buttons aligncenter issue 

Version 2.2 (20 Dec 2012)

Added new features: 01. Added WPML Flags shortcode 02. Added bbPress integration 03. Added WooCommerce integration 04. Added Alt tag for icon shortcodes 05. Added Alt tag for frame shortcode  Fixed some issues: 05. Fixed Main Menu z-index 06. Fixed Tags title in blog 07. Fixed Toggle shortcode 08. Fixed Slider icon 09. Fixed Shortcode generator 10. Fixed Typography for Seo Optimized 11. Fixed Button Shortcode for WooCommerce 12. Fixed Comments issue 13. Fixed Tabs issue 14. Fixed Footer widget issue 15. Fixed Image insert into page issue 16. Fixed Homepage error issue 

Version 2.1 (01 Nov 2012)

Added new features: 01. Added Wide and Boxed Layouts as optional! 02. Added Custom Slider option for different slider 03. Added NivoSlider transition settings  Fixed some issues: 04. Fixed Stopped image issue  05. Fixed WPML (wpml-integration) issue  06. Fixed Shortcode manager issue  07. Fixed Shortcode thickbox method as codebox  08. Fixed Meta-device tag issue  09. Fixed IE+ image issue  10. Fixed Custom resize issue  11. Fixed Copyright shortcode support issue  12. Fixed Some minor bugs  

Version 2.0 (08 Oct 2012)

Added new features: 01. Added Oh Finally, CStar is Responsive Design! 02. Added FlexSlider2 with a custom admin panel 03. Added Custom Image Resizer for avoid timthumb problems 04. Added NivoSlider Rsponsive version 05. Added Touch feature for NivoSlider, CycleSlider, CodeSlider and FlexSlider 06. Added Fixvids for Responsive videos 07. Added Reponsive displays shortcodes 08. Added Responsive default picture options for Sliders 09. Added CSS3 MediaQueries javascripts for IE-Fix 10. Added Drop-down plugin for responsive displays 11. Added 54 New GoogleFonts  Fixed some issues: 12. Fixed Pagination "..." issue 13. Fixed Comment form translate issue 14. Fixed NivoSlider Headings color issue 15. Fixed Divider HR color issue 16. Fixed Cache CombineTo option issue 17. Fixed Uploader Conflict 18. Fixed Minor PHP, CSS and jQueries bugs 19. Fixed Footer Area 20. Fixed StyleBox and Alertbox 21. Fixed TimThumb resizer 22. Fixed jQuery plugins 23. WP3.5 Beta 1 Test 24. Minified all of jQueries 25. Minified all of CSS 26. And some minor bugs 

Version 1.4 (01 Oct 2012)

Added new features: 01. Added Yelp on social icons. 02. Added Submenu arrows 03. Added Denmark, Poland languages added 04. Added WP-Pagenavi plugin checker 05. Updated Cycle plugin version 06. Updated Nivo slider plugin version  Fixed some issues: 01. Fixed Sortable shortcode issue 02. Fixed CombineTo issue 03. Fixed Body padding issue 

Version 1.3 (05 June 2012)

Added new features: 01. Added RTL language support (rtl.css) 02. Added Slider images alt tag 03. Added accordion slider link option 04. Added slider link and text color option 05. Added IDs for slider div. 06. Added Auto-Lightbox effect for content images (as optional) 07. Added Dropcap & Blockquotes font family 08. Added Theme update notifier  Fixed some issues: 09.  Fixed Tooltip position issue 10. Fixed Flickr social icon issue 11. Fixed Accordion title opacity issue 

Version 1.2 (22 July 2012)

Added new features: 01. Added 200+ New GoogleFonts 02. Added XING and BBB sociable icon 03. Added French and Italian languages 04. Added WP-Custom Background 05. Added Footer After and Before Widgets  Fixed some issues: 06. Fixed iPhone/iPad font size issue 07. Fixed Comments issue 08. Fixed Sidebar issue 09. Fixed Flickr issue 

Version 1.1 (24 June 2012)

Added new features: 01.  Added re-CATPCHA for contact forms (as optional) 02.  Added Colored sociable icons 03.  Added Sortable for blog and portfolio 04.  Added Post tag enable/disable option 05.  Added Left and right sidebar as template 06.  Added Last-preview dump.xml 07.  Added Some PSD files (main,page, etc) 08.  Added Image width & height optimize  Fixed some issues: 09.  Fixed SickyFooter issue 10. Fixed Search issue 11. Fixed Contact shortcode issue 12. Fixed Sortcode manager issue 13. Fixed Home Page Blog Sidebar 14. Fixed Alertbox Method as div tag. 15. Fixed some bugs. 

Version 1.0 (12 June 12)

Initial released 

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