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Built using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Spin2Win Wheel is a responsive, flexible, customisable, resolution independent spin wheel game whose outcomes you control.

It’s the number one, best selling spin wheel!

Spin results, prizes, win/lose, number of spins and more can be controlled using JSON data. You can also customize the look and feel of Spin2Win Wheel to bring it in line with your brand or color scheme, set the probability of winning, add your own custom prize data and it even has an anti-cheat mechanism to prevent players placing the wheel on a chosen segment.

Update November 2021:

Updated PHP script

Update March 2021:

Added ability to have 0 spins which generates a toast popup with custom message.

Updated documentation to clarify some features.

Update August 2020:

Improved wheel positioning and scaling.

Updated to Greensock 2.1.3.

Update April 2020:

Bug fixes (nothing major). Spin2WinWheel is now responsive and relatively positioned.

Update January 2019:

Fixed some bugs. Removed hard-coded CSS via JavaScript (for the popups).

Update January 2018:

Added new static function Spin2WinWheel.reset() that resets the wheel.

Update July 2017:

Probability values no longer need to add up to 100

This change makes entering values generated from other sources much easier to manage

Fixes: Fixed some CSS bugs with scaling in FireFox and button centering in IE.


Update April 2017:

You asked – we listened – Probability has finally arrived!

By adding the new “probability” property to the segment data you can now ensure that some segments are more likely to win than others. Jump to relevant docs here

Update March 2017:

You can now add your own data properties for each segment (in the JSON). You might want to assign a score or value for each segment or maybe some other hidden data. This data can be retrieved in the onResult event. More info here

Update October 2016:

You can now send JSON to Spin2Win Wheel using PHP. Check out the script here.

More info

The documentation is here.

Updates are here.

Demo : Nulled Spin2Win Wheel – Spin It 2 Win It!


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