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MenorahMarket is the Best Multi Vendor Market Place for Digital Goods built on Laravel 5.4 , it supports PayPal and admin have complete control over system.

How can you use this?

If you want to start a market place to sell digital goods like Fonts, WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, PHP Softwares, Images , Graphics, Vector Logos or anything , Menorah Market is good option, it has multi vendor option also, where multiple authors will register and submit their items for sale, so you will get commision.

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List Of Users in Menorah Market

  • Owner – Who have controll over the system.
  • Admin – Owner created role, where owner can limit the access to system.
  • Excutive – Owner created role, where owner can limit the access to system.
  • Vendor – The one who upload products to be sale on the market place.
  • User / Buyer – Who can visit and buy any products on the market place.

Owner – List of all Functional Modules

  • Users Management: Owner can manage all the users like Vendor , Admins, Executives, Buyers, so admin has complete track.
  • Categories Management : Owner can add number of catgeories for products like HTML Templates, WordPress Themes, Stock Images , so buyers will check the items category wise.
  • Coupons Management: Coupons are the hot cake now a days for any shop , so here you can manage coupons, discounts and many more.
  • License Management: when it comes to digital goods, there are certain licenses for usage , so we made a facility to create licenses and assigned them to item. ex : regural license, extended license, multi domain license, dev lisence etc.,
  • Products Management : Manage the products clearly in easy way, you can add , edit and delete the items.
  • Templates Management: Manage the templates in your own style like email alerts templates.
  • Offers Management : got offers , manage theme here
  • Pages Management : create N no of pages like about us, terms , privacy , all will display at front end.
  • FAQs Management : Manage your FAQs , and make your buyers feels good when they encounter doubts
  • Reports & Statistics : complete reports, like sales, revenue , users and many more awesome reports to make owner work easier.
  • Menus Management : Manage the menus and levels , it is easy trust me
  • Languages Management : You would like to start the store in your own language ? you can easily translate the system in any language, we have separate module , and you can easily understand.
  • Site Settings : Manage all site related settings here, got any doubt ? refer the documentation, or knock us.
  • SEO Settings : SEO is heart of any business, and we really care it and made many settings for site.
  • Cart Settings : you can add types to any product , like small size, large size , so people will select the item and also the types in in that.
  • Email Templates : Manage the email templates , like forgot password, registration mail and many more.
  • Payment Gateways : You have inbuilt PayPal , PayU and many more are coming on the way.

Owner – You’ve controll on everything

Admin – Awesome Modules inside

Vendor – Upload and Sell your items

Buyer – Purchase awesome goods

Executive – be a good helper to your owner


Skype : digishelp

Email : [email protected]

WhatsApp: +91 9392179164

Support Portal Link :

We are dedicated to continue to improve this system, your suggestions are always welcome.

Demo : Nulled MenorahMarket – Multi Vendor Digital Goods Market Place Script


Downloads : Nulled MenorahMarket – Multi Vendor Digital Goods Market Place Script


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